Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

Bravo Six HOMEFRONT Weapons Pack for CS:S

Some weapons from HOMEFRONT game for Counter Strike: Source (CS:S)


Original model, textures & animation: KAOS Studios
Animation: KAOS Studios, BravoSix
Ripping, rigging, compile for CS:S: BravoSix 

Download links:
HOMEFRONT SCAR LMG. Download: here
HOMEFRONT Diablo for MP5. Download: here
HOMEFRONT T3AK Reflex Sight for AK47. Download: here
HOMEFRONT M110 for sg550. Download: here

Download this fix for HOMEFRONT weapons anims error when played online (M110, Diablo, T3AK and SCAR LMG), and better anims for SCAR LMG: here

Video Preview: 


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